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Murphy Park Envisioning Plan
Glendale, AZ

A planning exercise winslow + partners presented to the Mayor and City Staff to explain the potential for connectivity and expansion for their walkable downtown. We looked for a developer that would be interested in the idea of creating a much needed hotel to support the Conference Center.

The goal was to take down the current library acting as a barrier to the connectivity of the overall area and creating a new contemporary e-library that would have an outside reading area to open on to the plaza and the coffee shop proposed for the hotel at street level.

In order to support the many events the City has in this area, we proposed an outdoor covered exhibition plaza that would open up onto the entire park. We also added more on-street parking to support the pedestrian interaction-connectivity.

The hotel corner on the south east side was left open at ground level to connect the pedestrian activity and shops at ground level to the plaza and the rest of the downtown area.


The plan included refurbishment of the existing outdoor amphitheater performance area to continue its use for concerts and other events. The City Hall and the parking structure adjacent was not included in this private enhancement of the plaza.


Development of Conceptual Design for a Private Developer


Glendale, AZ



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