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Our Innovation
Think Tank

We believe in the power of Design Thinking to help navigate the complexity of today's problems.

Our Innovation Think Tank is a proven methodology we have perfected over time, to help our clients find new, creative and innovative solutions.
Kali Mota, Assoc. AIA
Founding Partner

A Problem Solving
to Design

Because the world is changing exponentially, we can no longer assume that what has been done in the past  will work in the present. Certainly, the need to anticipate future building typologies (or business models) creates new design opportunities.


Our Innovation Think Tank process is a dynamic methodology that enables diverse ideas to move toward effective outcomes with clarity and unity, whether for architecture or business solutions. Utilizing a unique, visual brainstorming model originally developed to support the design of complex educational facilities, it can turn any organization's wide-ranging needs and perspectives into comprehensive, realistic solutions.


It addresses organizational needs from strategic planning to facilities development.  Our Innovation Think Tank helps turn the clutter of diverse ideas into realistic plans for the future.  

a process that is equally effective for:

  • small-business and corporate decision-makers

  • government entities

  • civic organizations and institutions

  • not-for-profit boards of directors

  • church planners

  • individuals

a process that enables the development of:

  • an organizational tool kit for evaluating options

  • group exploration of divergent ideas

  • holistic and realistic solutions

  • practical applications from diverse perspectives

  • a common vocabulary

  • team building

it creates an exploratory environment that is:

  • visually stimulating

  • fast-paced and invigorating

  • comprehensive

  • engaging and encouraging

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