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Winslow + Partners was founded in 2011 by Paul Winslow, FAIA and Kali Mota, Associate AIA, at the end of the 2008 Great Financial Recession.


Knowing that many elements of life were being disrupted by the changes in technology and the rise of automation, they set up a practice with a focus on social patterns relevant to the future. As the success of a project is determined on how much people gravitate towards it.  


They focus on people’s experiences and have multiple techniques that they use to that end: from their Innovation Think Tank, to the User Experience Mapping process to ensure they are hitting their Client’s target in terms of design.

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Born and raised in Phoenix, Paul has spent his 50+ year career living and practicing mostly in Arizona and has participated actively in both City and community organizations that support the metropolitan area.
He understands our community as well as the larger market area. He has considerable experience as an architect and planner in evaluating sites for a range of projects types. Both partners continue to build their knowledge on current market trends in Retail, Hospitality and Mixed-Use Development.


Because we do everything in 3D that gives us the ability to use our model as a design tool when reviewing the project with our client (from the early conceptual stages through the final design). This visualization of the spaces in detail helps our clients and general contractor understand the design/cost implications of their decisions in real time.
Our clients have the advantage of using a free app with their computers or mobile devices to access the 3D model walk-through at their convenience.

Because of their continued use of Graphisoft's ARCHICAD, the firm was recently featured on a video celebrating 2022 International Women's Day.

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Our hyper-collaborative approach to design engages all the parties involved in the process from the beginning, including our client, consultants, and if appropriate the general contractor.
This allows for exploration of alternative strategies and assessment of building systems and material availability to make sure our client gets the “best buy”. It is ideal for this hyper-collaboration to occur during the entire design process to take advantage of any potential savings in terms of time or cost.


With a cloud based Project Management system, developed by Paul’s previous firm, our clients are able to keep track of their project’s progress, billing, communication, plans, etc. in real time.
It also serves as a depository (like dropbox) without any file size constraints.

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