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conceptual renderings by winslow + partners

The District at Copper Sky 
Maricopa, AZ

A game-changing design paradigm for the City of Maricopa, a bedroom community that grew up so quickly but has no "there-there". The City sought out developers to create a dynamic mixed-use retail center in the same property as their new top of the line Copper Sky Recreation Complex, their sports and park complex. In collaboration with a development team our firm created a master plan that would foster walkability, social interaction, and a mix of retailers to support a thriving "town center". The hotel, retail, restaurant, office and multifamily components were carefully layered to create "a there" with 24/7 eyes on the street, in a suburban town.

By creating a plaza within the complex for people to socialize, the community's need for a civic space for events and celebrations to happen was fulfilled. This creates a sense of "destination" for people to come to "see and be seen". Other features at scales that work for our climate and culture, such as: shaded walkable streets, engaging shop windows, outdoor seating, on street parking, and gathering areas for families create a functional and attractive development. The most successful retail centers support people and their authentic interactions. By establishing and building on fundamental social patterns, we are helping the developer create a product that can withstand fluctuations in economic cycles.

The project has received support from city council, civic leaders and Maricopa's economic development department. Our team has taken the time to develop a design strategy based on demand studies, demographics and commercial real estate analysis. The project continues to unfold positively, building on our early schematic plans shown here.



RFP, Conceptual Design, Renderings.


Maricopa, AZ


Conceptual Design 2015

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