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Las Brisas Academy - Classroom Addition

This 14,453 s.f. two-story classroom addition to an existing performing arts focused school was initially anticipated to be simple, matching the original building construction. It is located between two existing buildings on the school campus. Though the addition was predicted in the original building design, the space for the expansion was minimal. 

Because of the state of the construction market at the time of design the original steel structural frame and metal stud exterior wall systems, cost, and supply schedule became critical design factors. Because of the straightforward plan, construction schedule, and the extended schedule of material delivery, we had to re-evaluate the construction systems. The team determined that changing from the steel stud exterior wall system to an 8” masonry wall system would be necessary to meet the critical time line for classroom occupancy. 


  1. Availability of steel components in order to meet the tight schedule.

  2. Expansion differentials between steel frame and masonry structures.

  3. Maintain existing exterior canopy system of the original building.


  1. Change structure to masonry exterior walls to reduce project completion time.

  2. Remove canopy as required to eliminate fire sprinkler system due to code updates

  3. Collaborated with the structural engineer and contractor to find cost effective solutions for the District.


Architectural Design through Construction Administration


Goodyear, AZ


Early 2023

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