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Kamehameha Middle School 
Campus|Educational Planning

Honolulu, HI

A very large k-12 school exclusively for Native Hawaiian students.  The educational planning for this project was focused on both cultural and educational goals.  Much of the cultural focus was on the traditional welcome and other ceremonies.  It also indicated a goal of incorporating landscape materials that have traditional meanings be a part of the learning environment. Not only the type of plants but in some cases, their arrangement. The Hula Mound was to be a key element of focus for the campus.  Though the traditional elements of the campus and buildings were crucial, the interior learning spaces were determined to be open classrooms.  Because  this was a new concept for Hawaii, we arranged for a group of a dozen teachers to visit a school we had designed that focused around open classrooms.  This experience allowed the teachers to validate their expectations for the teaching and learning processes anticipated.  The school principal and facilities person invited Paul Winslow, to attend an executive education course at Harvard University, to also validate their planned direction.

Paul Winslow, FAIA, led the design development, and was the project architect while working at Orcutt/Winslow.


Educational Planning Services under a different architectural 



Honolulu, HI

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