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conceptual renderings by winslow + partners

Fountain Hills, AZ

A conceptual design developed for the Dark Skies Astronomy Club in Fountain Hills, an AstroScience Center, that included both a planetarium and observatory, as well as a large exhibit area. It was a collaboration between the Town of Fountain Hills, The Cultural and Civic Association, The Fountain Hills School District and the Dark Skies Astronomy Club. The goal was to offer STEM related educational opportunities for K-12 students, offer opportunities for astronomy education for the community in general, and awareness of the connection to the history of the place.

It was intended to be used by other community groups and students, so the design centered around multi-purpose spaces, classrooms and a lecture hall. It was designed to create synergy with the other facilities in the Town's Civic Campus and generate economic development through tourism as well.


Programming, Initial Planning and Conceptual Design


Fountain Hills, AZ


Conceptual Design 2018

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