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BALSZ Elementary School District 
District-Wide Facilities Master Plan

Phoenix, AZ

A review of all of the District campuses was the basis for meeting with faculty groups at each school to review their current programs and facilities.  Based on this information, review and brainstorming sessions were held at each school campus, with community members.  This included both parents and students, where existing processes and facilities were reviewed an new ideas were recorded. The summary of the information from each campus and then collectively for the entire district was created as a basis for potential modifications to each schools facilities.  This included wayfinding for both students and parents, additional space needs for special functions, like Muslim Prayer space, to accommodate the large Muslim population.  Also the need to parent waiting areas for both before and after school parents waiting for or dropping off students.  Other educational and social needs were reviewed, with conceptual understanding of the unique needs of each community of students and parents.


District Wide - Facilities Master Plan


Phoenix, AZ


Fall 2016

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