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Arizona School for the Arts
Phoenix, AZ

A 5-12 performing arts elementary/high school charter school was designed in phases as property was acquired. The first phase was the remodeling of an existing building where the other half was still occupied by an organ donor harvesting company.  Keeping that use from the students required care.  The contract documents were developed by another firm based on the design by Paul Winslow while working for Orcutt/Winslow.


Paul Winslow began the design and documents to remodel a 2 story, 20,000 s.f. building as soon as it was acquired, while the second phase was under construction.   There were some structural modifications required to stabilize the building for the new use. 


When funding became available for phase 4 the design started.  There were complex issues with constructing this four-story building adjacent and connected to phase 3. This was a fast track schedule with no impact on their school schedule.

Paul Winslow, FAIA, was the architect of record and a board member. His involvement included master planning, programming, development of phasing (five phases total over a period of 6 years), design and design documentation, as well as overseeing the construction administration while working at Orcutt/Winslow.


Architectural Design and Documentation under a different firm 


Phoenix, AZ

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