a legacy of innovation

After retiring from Orcutt | Winslow, the firm he successfully co-founded and managed for over 40 years , Paul Winslow, FAIA, decided to start winslow + partners in 2012, with Kali Mota, Assoc. AIA, to have a more hands on approach to design.

A collaboration of the husband-wife team, the firm offers expertise in: architecture, planning, urban planning, interior design, facilitation, educational planning, and design thinking.


The firm grew out of the realization that we are living times of exponential change, and that disruption has been mainly caused for the changes in technology, automation and artificial intelligence.  They understood that change should also be reflected in our built environment and set out to educate themselves on future trends and futurism, because they believe the key to success for any project, is the deep understanding of how those changes will disrupt human behavior and in turn the real estate market.

Knowing that Paul in his ability to facilitate large groups (using a design-thinking approach to finding innovative solutions) had been very successful in creating some out-of-the-box  environments, the winslow + partners'  team uses design-thinking as a platform for design (architecture or business solutions). They call it their innovation think tank.

a team of creative problem solvers


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