barrister building

Project Rendering

Our approach to redevelopment accomplishes key goals for this and future projects downtown by showing that historic structures are an asset, streets can be enlivened, and the balance between redevelopment and affordability can be maintained to create a project that is accessible to a wide range of users. 

The hotel design as well as the adjacent residential towers meet The Downtown Phoenix Plan’s goal to attract the creative class and support the knowledge economy.We will exceed, rather than just meet with, the new downtown walkable code requirements. Every street face of the site is pedestrian oriented and offers enlivened public space which not only contributes to the economic and social model, but is additive to the fabric of downtown. We have created a detailed map of the user experience we desire, and we understand how it applies in an urban context. Our development honors the pedestrian, bicycle and mass transit experience as well as intelligently manages vehicular access and parking needs. 

Our goal is to develop a vibrant mixed-use community within the heart of downtown Phoenix. We will create a unique luxury hotel experience that honors the historic building while offering splendid amenities and access to cutting-edge technology. With two high-rise apartment towers and 22,000 sq. ft. of retail shopping we will also attract individuals from the Creative Class to live, work and play in the Barrister Place Community. Ultimately, we want to create a community that helps build Phoenix as a 24-hour city. 

This redevelopment concept centers around connectivity. Connectivity through urban design, active street frontage and giving people shaded places or oases to gather and pleasant places to walk such as the covered retail arcade which pays homage to its history. Connectivity through the use of public transit (light rail, bus) as well as other alternate transporation (bicycling, walking). And, connectivity to the rest of the world through technology (wi-fi, charging stations, etc.) 

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112 n central avenue suite 300

phoenix az 85004